Hi There,

Today, i will like to share something important to you that aches my heart and God’s heart as well.

Many are called but few are chosen. If you are called into the ministry, then this is for you.

There is no greater joy than doing God’s work. God’s training in Ministry is really work but it does pay in the end.

Ministry is NOT FOR BABIES BUT FOR MATURED MEN. people wonder why God would NOT support them  and send them helpers.  They are part of the plan. BUT IT MUST FOLLOW GOD’S ORDAINED PLAN AND PATTERN. That is the KEY.

Success in ministry is NOT A DAY Journey.it is a life time thing.

One day, while cooking, I felt God’s presence so strong that i actually knew where He was in the kitchen.He was actually at the door and He was reading my thoughts. My thought was like, ‘when i am rich and well known, then i could do WHATEVER I LIKE’.

Then He said, ‘You need to follow the patterns and the rules or principles that brought you to the top if you want to sustain it. If you get to the top, it will safer for you to stay at the CENTER of the mountain. If you stay at the cliff, your fall will be great and  destroys you or you may never survive it.

This is NOT about using God.Your disobedience to me can cost you  your children’s life or your life or your loved ones’ lives. You need to sustain it with what brought you there’.

i have been preaching and being in the Ministry since i was 17 years and my eyes  have seen a lot. By the training of my Heavenly Father through His men and Himself, i come to realize what makes a successful ministry and to this i have been able to handle with many testimonies to back it to His glory.

They are principles or laws by which this is governed, just like any profession. we need to build according to what is in the bible. Then what Huldon Taylor said, will come to pass, that ‘GOD’S WORK DONE IN GOD’S WAYS, NEVER LACKS GOD’S PROVISION‘.

What are God’s ways? God’s ways are His pattern, plans and thoughts put in the pages of the bible. The Bible is God’s ways of doing His things.

In the book, ‘The Power behind following God’s ways in your life‘, i said,

People think they don’t need God and His ways in their journey of life.They think they know it all and so nothing can never go wrong. But yet they are miserable. To them they think life is unfair. They think they know where they are going and how to get there. so, they embark on a journey that fails them.
They blame God for making things hard for them. They blame everybody for their failures except themselves. Meanwhile, they make their decisions without God in them. They turn their lives into a trial and error and they end up disappointed, frustrated and bitter. All along God had been concerned, pointing the way, But they refused to listen.
Now that their way has failed them, they are desperately looking for a way out. You can be happy and fulfilled in life.
It is where heaven is opened, and the gates of hell disclosed. It is the traveler’s Map, the Pilgrim’s Staff, the pilot’s compass, the Sailor’s Map, the Insurance Man’s Booklet, the Secrets to a flourishing business, the bedrock of a godly home, the Soldier’s Sword and the Christian’s Charter, the power of God, the source of help and comfort and lastly, the Source of Happiness’.

So, we  see what the ways of God is capable of achieving; following it assures of a glorious future. So in ministry, you need to do the same.

There are 4 PILLARS that build a successful ministry. These pillars follow God’s pattern in fulfilling ministry. God showed me 2 visions in line with this. i will share VISION ONE with you.

The vision is thus:

‘In the vision, He showed me two builders: one that built according to pattern
and another that did not.
In the first builder (He represented me as the builders for better
understanding), He told me, ‘let’s say you built according to pattern’, this is what
I saw:
I saw myself in a building construction site and there was a tall building in
construction at the site with workers, bricklayers going up and down working.
At the site, there was a table and the foreman who stood was God and I as the
supervisor. We were discussing on the pattern on a sheet, it was a big sheet that
was the blueprint of the building.
He was telling me how I was to build and to instruct my workers (those are
my sheep and my pastorate team) to build according to what is on the sheet.
Then He told me, ‘let’s assume that you have finished building, 1st half of the
building was built according to your pattern and the other half, according to My
pattern.’ He now said, ‘let’s assume also that a fire engulfed the building to
fulfill 1st Cor3:13-15.’
Then I saw fire engulfing the building, there was pandemonium everywhere,
shouting, screaming but they couldn’t control the fire.
As the fire was raging, the top of the building to the 2nd half of the building
was burnt into ashes. God told me, ‘that is the work with straw, hay and wood.
They don’t survive the fire.’
As the fire engulfed the other half of the building, I was dazed in amazement
has the building was glowing in brightness of light; gold, silver glow in the fire.
Everyone stood afar to watch this incident. In the vision I saw myself
weeping, then He told me, ‘wipe your tears, all your work is not destroyed.
The remaining half will announce you. Now, encourage your workers and
build according to pattern. Build according to what is on this sheet.’
The sheet represented the bible. Then He left.
I was jacked back to reality and my eyes were opened.

The 2nd Vision can be found in this book.

The 4 pillars are this:

  • The Ministry of the Word
  • The Ministry of Prayer
  • Evangelism
  • Visitation

These can ONLY  come into effect if you put into place these 3 MAJOR Patterns that Jesus used to train His disciples.

what are they?

The 1st pattern was that He called the twelve to HIMSELF (Mark 6:7)

After the sitting period, they moved to the next stage.
The 2nd Pattern is the Sending Forth (Mark 6:7)

The 3rd pattern which many crave for, is the EMPOWERING TO DO
Empowerment doesn’t come until there is a CLEAVING to the master first,
imbibing His attitude and character. This is to avoid being a cast away in the

Once these patterns are in place, then the PILLARS can come into place and build you a successful ministry.This is the way i built mine to the Glory of God.

I researched many successful ministries today like Redeem Christian Church, Kenneth Hagin, T.D.Jakes, Benny Hinn, Winners’Chapel etc many that i can’t count and they ALL go by what is written here; follow these principles and i guarantee you a successful ministry as well

However, GOD’S PLANS FOR YOUR MINISTRY IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS’. Follow God’s plans for your ministry. Seek His face on EVERY thing you want to do. Remember that YOU WILL ANSWER ON THE LAST DAY. DON’T BE FOUND WANTING.

Remember also that it is different services, gifts and operations but of the SAME LORD, SPIRIT AND GOD

These are God’s principles of running His work.

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